2018 New River Paddle Fishing Tournament Results

Thank you to the 102 participants of the 9th Annual New River Paddle Fishing Tournament for making 2018’s Tournament one of the best!  Veteran and first time attendees in the mix, we were treated to beautiful weather, a friendly and competitive atmosphere, and tight lines interspersed with some tough fishing- all in the name of supporting the New River Conservancy and their mission for maintaining and preserving the watershed that we all enjoy.  Congratulations to the category winners; the top 3 in each taking home a trophy and bragging rights.  Thank you to all of our amazing sponsors and Montgomery County Parks and Rec- looking forward to seeing everyone next year!

If there was a tie in total length, the win went to the person who had the single larger fish.  No shows at weigh-in or 0 totals have been omitted.

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NameFish 1Fish 2Total
Jarrod Shinn20.2519.7540
Joe Wickersty18.7518.2537
Marvin Graybill Jr18.516.535
Nathan Green17.517.535
Steven Tribbett18.2515.533.75
Colin Cooper17.2516.533.75
Mike Richardson161733
Wayne Mills13.518.2531.75
Cj Chittum16.51531.5
Darrell Hamlin16.51531.5
Jeff Underwood16.51531.5
Yoan Lopez1615.531.5
Rick K Chism15.251631.25
Brandon Olmsted13.517.531
Wes Widrig13.516.7530.25
Jason Andrews19.2510.7530
Brandon Overstreet1217.529.5
John Young1612.7528.75
George Fechko1513.7528.75
Dale Byer1513.528.5
Ryan Johnson16.7511.528.25
Chris Johnston14.513.528
Jerry Hamlin121628
Jason E Hall14.751327.75
Chase Tanner14.2513.527.75
Holly Shocky12.51426.5
Robert Winebarger131326
Michael Quinn Sr.1411.525.5
Michael Sable121325
Luke Sable121325
Alexander Niemela13.2511.524.75
Seth Bandy12.512.2524.75
Ray Baker1212.524.5
Mike Hicklin11.751223.75
Josh Akers1310.523.5
Doug Holland11.7511.523.25
Tommy Burritt10.2512.2522.5
Christian Vance11.751021.75
Landon WARD1110.7521.75
Bill Osborne10.511.2521.75
William Vance10.7510.521.25
Zach Assad10.2510.7521
Diana Howell10.510.2520.75
Kim Widrig10.759.520.25
Jeffrey Howell9.759.519.25
Justin Richmond9.59.2518.75
Rod Cline7.510.7518.25
Kevin Groth510.515.5
David Craighead11011
Michael Quinn Jr.11011
Jonathan Pingilley9.509.5
NameFish 1Fish 2Total
Ryan Furrow10.7517.2528
Corey Morgan151328
Bradley Frye13.2513.2526.5
Mark Ward14.2511.7526
Robert Agee11.251223.25
Jeff Meyer12820
Lucas Weaver13.75013.75
Anna Metheny8.55.2513.75
Jose Gomez8.508.5
NameFish 1Fish 2Total
David Sable15.7513.529.25
Terry OBrien121123
Gary Wheeler1210.7522.75
Nathan Simmons99.2518.25
Carrie Metheny105.2515.25
Sarah Groth11.5011.5
Dylan Metheny606
NameFish 1Fish 2Total
Ryan Frye1411.525.5
Chase Huffman11.2512.7524
Colton Graybill10.7511.522.25
Gavin Light1010.2520.25
Logan Vance13.5013.5
David Gomez808