Nick D’Addario of Back Country Ski and Sport in Salem, VA brings us a detailed review of the Native Watercraft Manta Ray 12. Expertly designed with the soloist angler in mind, the features built in to the Manta Ray 12 are guaranteed to make everything from transport to portage that much easier on the next adventure.

“Offering plenty of dry storage, the Manta Ray 12 is a mid-size, do-it-all kayak. It strikes the perfect balance between manageability and functionality that allows a soloist to easily handle this boat from car to put-in, using its Tag Along Wheel. The kayak maneuvers gracefully in moving water and flat water alike and the additional storage lets you take more gear and push your adventure a little farther.”

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I’m Nick with Back Country Ski & Sports, I’m here to talk about Native Watercraft’s Manta Ray 12.

The Manta Ray 12 is a 12 foot, 2-inch long boat, it’s 30 inches wide and it weighs 64 pounds. The weight capacity is 325 (lbs) and it sells for $919 dollars.

The Manta Ray is a traditional SOT kayak with a flat-bottom hull, with a formed keel on the bow and stern. These features offer a unique mix of speed and manuverability. Anglers and paddlers not interested in standing up in their boats can benefit from the performance of this hull over wide, or pontoon-styled hulls.

The main layout of this boat includes a large hatch in the front of the boat, with a pass-through for rods and paddles. It has two smaller hatches, one located in the middle of the boat and one behind the seat. They both have drop-down cups, so that way your items won’t get lost on the inside of the boat.

The seating system on this boat is one of the most comfortable and easiest seats to use on the market. It has a very thick, wedged seat helping keep your butt off the bottom of the boat, sitting in water. The wings on the side have extra comfort for throwing your feet over the side. They did a good job at recessing all the hardware on this boat, so your line doesn’t catch on nearly anything.

This boat does include track system, so that you can easily attach rod holders, fish finders, GPS, cameras etc.

Several other accessories are available in addition to this model that you can purchase separately, not limited to folding dashboard and tray systems, just connect it to your track system and you can actually fold it in and out of the way. They also offer cooler and gear bags that fit perfectly into the back of the boat.

One other great feature of the boat is the paddle holder. The paddle holder is a traditional snap-in paddle which allows you to put it in and take it out with one hand, and leave one hand free to keep on your rod and your reel.

One of the most outstanding features of this boat, is this boat actually comes with what they call a tag-a-long wheel that attaches to the back. This means when you’re transporting the boat to the water, or if you’re dragging it on the river bottom it will protect the highest wear area of the boat and make it easier to bring it to and from the water.

A couple of other features about this boat, is they introduced the drain plug on the side of the kayak, which means when you need to get the water out, you can easily lift the boat up on it side versus standing it up vertically.

They include scupper plugs with the boat that are attached, so you don’t have to worry about losing them if you’re trying to be quiet, if you’re trying to stay dry you can insert these at any point.

Recap on this boat, traditional SOT kayak, definitely oriented towards fishing, 12 feet long, 30 inches wide, 64 pounds.

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Again my name is Nick, I’m with Back Country Ski & Sports.

Thank you for tuning in.