Pat Metheny of Back Country Ski and Sport in Salem, VA provides this overview of a pioneer in the world of ultra-stable SOT fishing kayaks, the Wilderness Systems Ride 115.

It’s big-time stability and versatility in a small-time kayak. This new addition to the redesigned Ride series has everything paddlers, anglers and hobbyists ask for in a SOT. Massive capacity, straightforward storage, versatile performance, rigability and rock-solid stability. At under 12-feet, there isn’t a more portable powerhouse on the market…”

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Hey guys, it’s Pat, we’re back here at Back Country in Salem talking about a different boat from Wilderness Systems. Now we’re going to go over the Ride series from Wilderness.

This is definitely a great kayak fishing boat. Everybody knows that pontoon boats are fairly stable, not the most agile crafts on the water but, they’re definitely the most stable and that’s basically what Wilderness Systems created out of their first SOT, the Ride.

It’s gone through many diferent changes and its as awesome as ever now. The pontoon shapes on the outside of the boat gives you a crazy amount of initial stability on this kayak, while the center keel really helps it track and stay in a straight line.

On the stern of the keel we’ve got a replaceable black tab. If you drag your boat in and out of the boat ramp or we go over some rapids and drag that stern, it happens to wear out the fastest. So that’s replaceable now, that’s a pretty new feature for them.

The cockpit of this kayak, its pretty unique in a couple of ways. They tried to stretch out the standing room in this boat, so when you look at the seat, its kind of got a lot of extra space behind it, and that’s where the unique feature of being able to trim the boat out, or push the button and slide the seat back.

Sliding the seat back off of the center of the boat allows for more standing room inside the kayak. Now we can actually stand right here, grab handles on the side are usually in the center of the kayak, with our weight proportioned directly in the middle of the kayak, and not up here near the bow where it’s narrower. The boat is much more stable.

It is a great kayak fishing boat if you’re looking to stand.

You do have a couple of different options with the seat. Right now we’re looking at the low option. For 30 dollars they make a higher seat. Same construction, as far as the backrest goes up and down; we’ve got support under our legs here. The high seat is just 4 to 6 inches higher than this seat – the same features, the same benefits, and it also slides forward and back, just like this seat does.

Which is a really neat option. Paddling the boat from this far in the stern, you’re pretty much doing a wheelie down the river. The bow is not engaged in the water and not doing you any good until you slide this seat back forward, the boat trims out, now we can paddle it to our next fishing spot.

In the cockpit here we’ve got a great cup holder. Again we’ve got a center console for mounting rod holders, fish finders, GPS units and again we’ve got the tracks on the side so, any of that stuff that we don’t want to permanently mount up here on this center console, we can put on the rail, and slide down.

Adjustable foot pegs, again 10-inch center hatch.  And we’ve got leashes inside the center hatch for drybags and boxes and small items.

Up near the front of the kayak, we’ve got the big ovalized hatch with the levers, the lid, the gasket sealand again the leash is inside so we can connect drybags, fish finder batteries and all that good stuff too. Still a big enough hatch that we can slide fishing poles in and out of.

We go all the way up to the bow of this boat, we have our temporary paddle holder and our comfort carry handles on the bow and stern.

Flat comfort carry handles on the side of the boat. I really like that, it keeps me from hitting knuckles or fingernails on this guy when I paddle. And we’ve got a more permantent paddle holder, with that groove in there to keep it from flapping around.

And of course we’ve got our cargo area back here for coolers, tackle bags, bait buckets, any of that good stuff.

It is the most stable boat I think we have in the store.

If you want to turn the kayak, if you want to catch eddys, if you want to do some manuvers on the river, it might not be the best boat for that.

It really likes to sit flat.

If you’re looking at a boat to run class II and III whitewater to kayak fish in, probably not the best choice.

Flat water to class I to class II, easy-moving rapids, the (Ride) 115 will handle great.

It has a big brother, at eleven and a half feet, you go up to 13 and a half feet.  So, if you’re a little bit bigger of a guy, or you’re getting out on that flatter water where you need that efficiency, go to a bigger boat.

The seat options, 115 or 135, you can go with the low or the high seat, about a 30 dollar difference when you buy the boat.

Purchase the seat after-market, its much more expensive, so be sure to sit in both. Paddle both and decide which seat you like better, the low or the high.

So check our website out, we’re going to have boat demos in Salem, starting in summer of 2014 and again in Blacksburg, we’re going to do boat demos again.

We always have demo boats available for you to come try out and we have these boats on the floor at both locations, Salem and Blacksburg – is our website.

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