Costa Del Mar Sunglasses are reputed by fishermen around the globe as being the most effective sunglasses available on the market today.

Join us as Stephanie Hammonds provides a general breakdown and overview of the Costa lineup from our Blacksburg location to learn what sets this unique company and their product apart from the rest.

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Hey, my name is Stephanie, I’m with Back Country Ski & Sports.

I’m here to talk to you today about our newest sunglass company, Costa Del Mar.  A company founded by fishermen, with a mission to be the clearest sunglass on the planet.

Costa Del Mar is made in Daytona Beach, Florida, where all of their sunglasses are hand-crafted and backed with a lifetime warranty.

I wanted to run through a couple of their different sunglasses, and the different features that make them unique.


So, first I want to start with their 580 lens. 580 comes in a plastic and a glass, which we have both of them here, and essentially they are the highest definition sunglasses you can buy.

Visual clarity is at an optimum with these (580 Glass) and you’ve got the most durable, most technology. Nine patents go into making this 580 glass, so it’s a really technical sunglass.

The 580 Plastic is going to be lightweight and durable, but you’re just going to have a slightly cheaper and lighter weight sunglass for those of you that don’t like the glass.


Next is going to be the 400, and it comes in both a glass and a plastic essentially for the same reasons.  400 is really what put Costa Del Mar on the map.

So it was the first sunglass that they made, and it’s a little bit more affordable. And they make it in both a glass and a plastic.

Lens Types

Next I want to talk to you about the different lens types. They have a couple of different mirrors and all of them have different functions, indications and contra-indications.


So, the first one’s going to be a blue mirror. The blue mirror is for open water, highlights – that type of thing. A really great, versatile sunglass.


Next is a green mirror. The green mirror is for anyone that’s doing inshore fishing, flats fishing, rivers, streams – that type of thing.

Where you’re going to have a little bit more coverage, they do a little bit better with overhang or any sort of shade and shadowing. Lots of clarity and visual pop.


Next is going to be the silver lens. The silver lens is a really good general purpose sunglass with really high clarity and high color contrast.


Then you have just the gray lens, which is a great all-around, outdoor activity sunglass. You have the copper, which is really great for anyone that’s wanting an all-around driving sunglass. Something that has really good color contrast, but maybe doesn’t cut out the shadows like a gray would.

So, gray would be really good for high sun, outdoor activities and this (copper) is just a really good all-around sunglass for driving and places where you need shadows to be contrasted against.


And then the amber is the last one, which is fairly similar to the copper. It doesn’t necessarily contrast the colors as well, but a great all-around sunglass.

Construction & Warranty

Now that we’ve gone through all of their lenses, we’ll go through a little bit on the plastic which very durable, the toughest plastic you can make. And that’s the same with all of their stainless steel, very durable, flexible stainless steel.

We talked a little bit about the warranty, they’re all backed by a lifetime warranty which will cover any sort of defects you can send back for the lifetime of your sunglass. As well as if you have any sort of wear and tear issues, if the lens gets scratched, if your decals or anything like that falls off you can always send it back to Costa, through their website and get it fixed. You can get new lenses put on, pretty much the entire sunglass can be rebuilt over and over again. Which is a really cool thing and they’re only allowed to do that because they’re all being made right there in Daytona Beach, Florida.


Really cool company. Really well-known, highly regarded with a really tight following from the fishermen in the area, fishermen along the coast, pretty much everywhere people know Costa as being a very high-quality product and we’re really happy to have them in the store today.

Thanks for joining us, my name is Stephanie here at Back Country Ski & Sports, Blacksburg and Salem Virginia.

Have a good day.

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