John Layman’s entry for the Short Video Contest.

When The Spring Creeking Season hits with the rains and warm weather it kinda makes us a little crazy.

A fever comes on that pulls us to the water and away from whatever was just previously important in life.

Trying to catch storms and micro creeks at just the right level is half the battle. You have to be ready and have done your homework. These videos were all shot after work post 5pm rushing to the water falling down the mountains as fast as I could get there. Some days you get the goods some days you get busted.

But you never know until you try.

This Video highlights three of the best creeks within a one hour drive from home.
They are all in Botetourt County, VA* and all on some of the 85K acres of National Forest within.

Roaring Run
Stone Coal Creek
North Creek

*Big Cove Branch, Balcony Falls, Glasgow area National Forest.

Best of luck with the contest, John!